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#Symmetrical Drumming

Left Handed, Right Handed, and Symmetical Drum and Percussion Lessons

Tuition --- Individual, Groups, Workshops, --- Kit Drumming, Hand Drumming, Percussion, Sticks, Mallets, Tippers --- Rock jazz funk Fusion alternative afrocuban celtic

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Drum and Rhythm Driven Music

PolyRhythmic, Odd-Time Sigs, Metric Modulation, Just Intonation, Sine Wave layering, 'wild' sound integration, Digital Acoustic Synthetic --- Live and Studio

Drum Lessons, Music, Repairs, Design in Canberra

Still playing your Drumkit and Percussion Kits 'Side Saddle'? Approach your drumming and percussion 'Head on' --- Go Symmetrical!”

Mark Campbell

Symmetrical Kits

Hi Hat Super smooth no latency - Kick Pedal 'Offset' - Balanced Left with Right

Truly Symmetrical Layout  (ie Hi Hat in centre too) in a quick funtional setup for the working drummer!

Symmetrical Drum\ Kit

#symmetrical drumming

Sit at your kit the same way a pianist sits at their keyboard (Head on)

Simply add an offset pedal and a super fast cable hi hat

Total Symmetical Setups, Lessons, and Ethos - Find out more


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